Ranjeet Kumar

Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India

The manifestation of that which exists but does not manifest is the progenitor of life. It’s analogous to the seed which has potential of getting transformed in to a jungle. Transformation of the potential to kinetics is the key to origin and evolution. The whole purpose of life is precession as defined by Edward Hamming, it simply means that it’s the effect of a body in motion on the other like throwing a stone generates ripples on the surface and perpendicular to it is the motion of the stone. Here the side effects at right angle to the motion matters and define the greatest philosophy behind a purposeful living. The true purpose of life is right angle to the goal we set. The goal of life is not the purpose as when you achieve the goal then you stop and there is no more precession. The central idea being that we should be in motion.

Initiating is important. The inherent mental inertia has been instrumental in limiting our capability to excel. There is always a fear factor at the back of consciousness that makes us uneasy in starting a new project. This is what mental programming all about. It’s the nature and nurture factor that governs the ability to initiate and accept the consequences there after. A fast debugging of mental hard disk becomes inevitable. This world is truly for those who can quickly learn, unlearn and relearn under the dynamically changing environment. It’s up on us to feed our grey matter with thoughts that are affirmative. Brain does not make any image of “no” what is needed is to come up with “yes” it’s possible and I definitely can strive to achieve it. The script of success is written only when one knows the language of courage. As Paulo Coelho in his famous book says “When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision”. So is what Swami Vivekananda has on this is “You fail only when you do not strive sufficiently to manifest infinite power”. He strongly says that each soul is potentially divine and expressing this divinity in our thoughts and action is prime goal. The essence being that in the school called life you first take up the problem and later learn the lesson just opposite of what our conditioning and education has been.

The blueprint of perpetual happiness lies in the DNA of courage and the central dogma of life lies in the heart which drives you to an evolutionary roller coaster gradually transforming you from human doing to human being. Remember that the entire cosmos conspires when you inspired by naive thoughts desire to initiate. The essence being mind that is nothing but bundle of thoughts which keeps you in a state of confusion, and thoughts that can make difference get lost like needle in haystacks has to be brought to action. Become a strong magnet so that the needle does not get lost and prepare platform so that these small but important seeds with a potential to form jungles can be planted deep in to your consciousness that’s what an idea can make tremendous difference all about. Let novel ideas perpetuate and does not let it die in gestation.

Mark Twain says “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education” this statement is quite pragmatic education to me is a lifelong exercise and sometime schooling create so much resistance in our thinking that we hesitate to initiate anything new. Deepak Chopra says that “every person is a god in embryo, its only desire is to be born” right indeed. What I want to convey in nutshell is that journey of thousand miles begin with a single step. So let every stone that comes your way become a milestone in your odyssey called life and not a tumbling hurdle.

What should have been a learning odyssey has become a painful pursuit for earning a living. Our education has ruined the capability of thinking innovatively and has definitely interfered with our learning process. Learning for the sake of knowledge that churns to what we called wisdom is no more happening. We have become so mechanized that the complexity of our mental faculty has left no room for creative thinking and enjoying the “being” part of our life. What I wish to propound is that in the struggle of existence “we are no more human being but human doing”.

The faculty called mind is intricately complex and interesting entity. We can simply perceive mind as bundle of unorganized thoughts. What are these thoughts then, it’s interesting that these are just like the trailing news that we always see on news channel most of which are breaking news and you know the element of truth is very little. “Breaking news” means that there is nothing positive or constructive, it’s just there to break your calm conscious being. Most of your thoughts are programmed and there is no substance init. Being aware of the fact what can be done is to note those thoughts that are really worth pursuing this is analogous to finding needle in the hay sticks.

I don’t know really whether I have made you comfortably miserable or miserably comfortable by putting my unorganized thoughts before you. But let me simplify the whole idea is to enjoy being what you are. I would like to give you a practical tip of becoming a banyan tree and not an ornamental bonsai. If you ask a seed about what’s within it, the answer is nothing but remember this nothing is not the one we think it’s a special nothing with an inherent potential of everything hidden in its core. So what if you plant the seed then a tree is born and that tree can breed numerous other trees and what would be the end result is a garden, a jungle. Likewise are our thoughts and what we need to do is to consciously plant these chosen thoughts in our subconscious mental field to prepare a customized tailor made garden of thoughts.

So let me share with you a technique called the pictographic technique that allows your desires to animate. It’s a kalpvriksha its panacea for the holistic successful being. First think of something that you really want to achieve and seed this thought deep in to your subconscious being. After seeding the idea see the bigger picture, its meditation close your eyes and see the end result. Like if you seeded an idea of becoming a doctor, what you should see is that you are having a stethoscope with a batch on your chest that you are Dr. so and so. Seeing is important but imagine and dream take a bird’s eye view attach intense emotion to the very thought, desire passionately and I bet if you go on doing this it will profoundly change your mental frame and you will automatically start attracting things that can make this happen Paulo Coelho the famous writer of Alchemist call it Natures Conspiracy but for me its map to your divine destiny. Now passionately desiring has to be converted in to your unflinching faith that yes if others can I can also and this is called transformation it’s something sublime but will animate your faith in to action. Faith in action is important and it’s driven by the fire within its similar to a small step in the right direction leading to a giant leap in your personal reality (personality). Suppose that you have always condemned rich friend of yours who owns a car and constantly pass negative comments. My only take home message is accept the things and stop kissing on negative note. Once you can accept the things in totality now let your faith work for you. The beauty of faith in action is it’s scientific and it works the idea is whatever picture the brain see comes true. So let the brain be a nesting ground for noble ideas from nesting to testing from testing to investing from investing to creasting and crowning phase let your faith evolve step by step in the journey of wisdom.

Being is beautiful it’s the canvas of God’s masterpiece painting called life. Being let you get detached from the agony of the competitive living. Life has hidden musicality and there is every possibility that your being can let it surface on your personality. You get tuned to the vibes of almighty and the nectar flows. You become a dynamo of excellence driven by a purposeful living. I am concluding my write-up with the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success that is way great spiritual giants are produced.”

The ancient rule of Vedic connectivity is beautiful; it’s a key to dynamic evolution of conscious positive being. It is manifestation of supreme energy and adding purpose to the divine existence of universal oneness.

The nature and nurture and all the saints and sages whom I have assimilated in my odyssey to truthful living.


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