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Manthan is a quarterly E-journal published by BBrains Scholastic Center, A GyaN Kendra (Under BBrains Development Society). Articles are welcome for submission from all subject areas. Articles submitted for publication are first reviewed by the Editorial Board who has right to accept/ reject or edit the contents of article. Before submitting articles, authors are requested to carefully go through the following guidelines: A. Articles must be submitted electronically through Email, hard copies are not accepted. Send your articles to:,mark the subject as 'Artical for Manthan'.

B. Submission of an article will be held to imply that it is not published before anywhere or not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

C. Articles should be original and contains significant information of the subject.

D. Preparation of articles: 1. Articles must be written and typed in English using Microsoft Word, double spaced, on A4 page size with ample margins.

2. All of the pages should be consecutively numbered starting with the title page.

3. The recommended fonts used are Times New Roman or Arial, and the font size should be 11 point.

4. Do not use non-English fonts (can use symbols like u ,b, a etc), otherwise the PDF files can not be reproduced perfectly.

5. The title page contains title of the article, full name of author/authors, their affiliation and addresses with phone, fax and email. Also include a list of abbreviations used in the text with their full form.

6. The text may be divided into headings and sub-headings such as Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, References etc. 7. Authors can include the acknowledgements, if applicable.

8. References must be numbered consecutively in the order that they are appeared in the text, using Arabic numerals in square brackets.**

9. A list of references should be included at the end of the text.

10. Prepare tables, figures, graphs, charts, images, line diagrams, illustrations etc on separate pages/ files.

11. Number tables and figures; put a legend on top of the table. Legends to the figures may be presented on separate page.

12. Presentation of figures in JPEG format is recommended with appropriate resolution that can be subjected to reduction or enlargement, if required.

13. Remember that all the text, tables and figures should be in editable format so that it can be adjusted to the format of journal.

** The reference style in the listshould follow

Author/s name initial followed by surname, Title, Journal abbreviated name, volume, year in bracket and page numbers. Please see the example below:

[1] I. Listowsky, M. Abramovitz, H. Homma, Y. Niitsu, Intracellular binding and transport of hormones and xenobiotics by glutathione S-transferase, Drug Metab. Rev. 19 (1998) 305‐318.

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