Editorial Bord

Editorial Board

1. Formation of Editorial Board: As we are inviting articles from all subject areas, there should be members in Editorial board from all subjects to review the articles. They will judge the suitability of the article for Manthan maintaining its technical quality and standard. Chief Editor should keep brief information/ background of Editorial board members with present status/ designation, full address, phone, fax nos. and email. If the Editorial board does not cover all subject area, he should personally request any person from the required subjects preferably from academics to join the Editorial board or may request to review the article. We should also construct a reviewer board/ team where we include 3-4 members from each subject area. They can review articles time to time or ask some other colleague to do this job.

2. Review process and reviewers responsibility: After the receipt of articles, Chief editor have to ensure few things:
a. Article must be complete.
b. Article is in editable format and prepared according to the instructions.
c. Article must contain a cover page with Title, authors name, full address, affiliation, phone, fax and emails.
d. Article must accompany a cover letter indicating the subject area.

[Articles may of many types such as, research article (with experiments and results), Review article, report of new findings/ breakthrough, analysis of new development, book review, short notes and general articles etc. We can also accept some articles of low standard from students (for encouragement) and place them in youth section].

e. Review Policy: Chief Editor will first assign a Manuscript/ Reference number to the article (For example MANTHAN-BS-001/2011, BS is subject area biological science, similarly PS, CS, MS etc.) This reference number should be used in all future communication between author and editorial board. Next, Chief editor will assign a relevant editorial board member and forward the article for reviewing (not all the articles will be sent to all editorial board members) by fixing duration (approx. two weeks) for review process. The responsibilities of Editorial board members are to carefully go through the contents of the article. He has right to change, modify or edit and check the English, grammar and spelling including full stop, comma and spaces. The reviewer should not communicate directly with the authors. Reviewer has to make a decision for accepting/ rejecting or revision of an article and return it to chief Editor in the final form. If reviewer accepts the article, he has to give appropriate reasons/explanation how this article is going to contribute to the readers. If he rejects the article, he must write appropriate reasons/ explanations for rejection. Then the authors will be informed by editor via email with explanations about the acceptance/ rejection or considering revision of the article. f.The final form of articles will be send to the person who is responsible for preparing layout and setting the articles in the format of journal. Then he will send to some of the editorial board members (subject area) for proofreading (checking setting, spelling and grammar etc, which is very important).


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