BBrains Founders

  Mr. Bibhuti   Bikramaditya

Brief Introduction: Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya founded BBrains Development society with the objectives of uniting NRIs and intellectuals from India who concern for the development of economically and socially backward states of India for establishing R&D center, educational institutes and business houses. Building work environment by spreading education and research was his one of the motives behind creating this organization.

Bihar happens to be the first state as his area of operation. His aim is to move towards north eastern and other states of India also later in due course.

 He is a native of Janipur Village in Sitamarhi dist ( of Bihar ( India). By profession, he is a technocrat working in the field of VLSI (FPGA/ASIC) chip design and development since 2001, employed at Korea based company. He is also chief consultant of the company TekBrains Pvt. Ltd.(

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Tel: +82-10-5038-1743

Following other persons who helped to create this organization

1. Dr. Kartik Sahay, Vice President, ACIPHARM, USA:
2. Dr. B.K. Sharma, HOD, Electronics, NIT, Patna:
3. Sugriv Barnwal, CEO,, USA:
4. Nandan Kumar, Research Scientist, University of Leeds, UK:
5. Dhirendra Kumar, Delhi
6. Amit Singh, Product Manager, Singapore:
7. Shakeel Ahmad, Civil Engg. Consultant, UAE:
8. Gauri Shankar Lal, Janipur, Sitamarhi
9. Vijay Sharan, Patna
10. Dr. Dhrub Kumar, HOD, Psychology, HPS College, Madhepur
11. Gopi Chandra Prasad, Patna
12. Vikash Kumar, Sify Ltd, Patna
13. Prabhat Sinha, Project Manager, CSC, Canada
14. Santosh Pandey, CA, Philips, Chennai
15. Dr. Sudhir Ranjan, State College, Pittsburgh, USA
16. Ujjwal Jyoti, USA
17. Subhranshu Singh, Samsung, Korea
18. Dr. Shabi Hashmi, Nokia, Cardiff, UK
19. Sajal Kumar, Intel, Bangalore
20. Ajay Kumar, Tata Motors, Ahmedabad
21. Ahmad Rasheed, UAE
22. Rishu Kumar, Kolkata
23. Dr. Amarendra Narayan, Patna

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