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History is witness of glorious fame of our state "Bihar" for its legendary university of Nalanda and Vikramshila which was built by ancient rulers of India. The University had once accounted for glorifying India as the best center for pursuing academic in the whole world. Students and Research scholars from all parts of Globe were privileged to have studied in the said university.

Now with span of times, Bihar has lost its glorious past. Because of the wrong govt policy and their attitude towards education, education system in Bihar has been collapsed. Presently there is no educational institution which can acclaim to be significant what to say of global standard even of national standard. As a result, Students and scholars are reluctantly forced to migrate from Bihar to out of state and abroad.

The rate of Research and Development in almost every field are zero and it has become long distant dream for the youngsters, local research scientists to have good R&D institutes, engineering /medical /management etc colleges so as they could implement their ideas into reality.At Present, Bihar lacks everything. With a view to change in political scenario, a ray of hope has blush that Bihar now should have an Institute of National level and international level that can give remembrances of both ancient universities.

In order to Build Bihar a Hub for research and development and center for formal and non formal education, BiharBrains started a campaign. The demand of NISC (National Institute of Science) and IISER (Indian Institute of Science education and Research) is one of the recent initiatives taken by us. We do believe that the objectives of the NISC and IISER (announced by UGC) perfectly matches the requirements and Bihar is the fit case for the establishment of such a high profile institute.

To this direction, Dr. Rajkishore Prashad, member of BiharBrains, wrote first direct letter to Hon'ble president, PM, the chief minister of Bihar and others (mentioned in letter) on 13 August, 2004. He again wrote letters to all of them in the month of Jan 2006 and drawn attention to have such R&D Institutes in Bihar. He also let the group know this matter and requested to go further. In March 2006, hon'ble president while addressing joint session of legislatures of Bihar stressed the same in his 10 points prescription for the development of Bihar. Subsequently a four member delegation of Bihar Brains (led by Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya) have met the Hon'ble Minister of Science and Technology Govt of Bihar on 30th March 2006 and submitted memorandum to the minister with a proposal for establishing National Institute of Science (NISC) and Indian Institute for Science Education and Research (IISER) in Bihar.
Shri Anil Kumar, Minister of Science and Technology had assured all possible assistance from the Govt and suggested us to give report on Why Bihar Needs such R&D Institution and have to figure out the possible area of R&D for the proposed NISC/IISER. On the basis of the report, Dept of Science & Technology, Govt of Bihar may start further talk to Ministry of HRD, Govt of India.
To comply with the demand, a 51 member core committee has been formed by BiharBrains.
A notification to this effect has been released to all members and first meeting has already been organized at Dept of Physics, Patna Univ on May 10, 06 and fruitful discussion was held. The said committee will give its report in total three meetings to the Dept of science & Technology, Govt of Bihar. On the basis of the report on Why Bihar needs such R&D institution and in which field Research and development center can be established, Bihar govt will move to the central govt (HRD Ministry) for the further talk.

Request: Though we have already started movement for this, we need help from all quarters.

All citizens of India particularly from the state of Bihar are requested to join
hands with us and give necessary inputs and guidance for the noble cause.
Give your service in making Bihar a developed state of Indian Union.

Chronology of events for the Demand of NISC-IISER in Bihar

August 13, 2004: First direct letter by Dr. Rajkishore Prasad, on 13th August 2004 to hon'ble president, then chief minister of Bihar and all other mentioned in letter for the establishment of National Institute of Science (NISc). He also initiated discussion on the same in Bihar Brain on 24th Jan, 2006.

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In NDA led central government stepped down and matter of NISc became pending. On 28.09.2005 UPA led government announced to open Indian Institute of Science for Education and Research (IISER) at Pune and Kolkata.

Jan 28, 06: Direct letter by Dr. Rajkishore Prasad, JSPS research fellow at Japan to the newly elected chief minister of Bihar and forwarded copy to all others addressed in the letter. Copy of the letter was also forwarded to BiharBrains.

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Feb.09, 2006:
same letter was posted by Rajkishore Prasad (from Tokyo, Japan) to hon'ble PM, India

March 15, 2006: There has been confusion over the issue of NISc and IISER. So proposal for IISER was also added in the above letter and resent on March 15, 2006 to hon'ble President, PM, CM Bihar and all other mentioned in the letter. Copy of the same was sent to Mr. Bibhuti for meeting with Hon'ble minister of S&T, Bihar Govt.,Patna.

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March 23,06: Formal request for the meeting to Minister S &T was sent by Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman, BiharBrains to discuss on the following agenda

-- Demand for NISC/IISER in Bihar
-- Role of NRIs in the development of Bihar

A indirect call from minister was accepted and decided to meet on March 29,06

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March 28, 2006: Hon'ble President stressed need of IIScER and IIT for Bihar while addressing joint session of legislatures of Bihar.

March 30, 2006: Meeting with Minister Science & Technology, Govt of Bihar with a team led by Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya comprising Prof BK Sharma, Prof RK Sihna, Prof UNL Mathur for the Demand of NISC /IISER in Bihar and role of NRIS in the development of Bihar. The memorandum was submitted in support of NISC /IISER in Bihar. In the meeting serious discussions were held on the various aspects of establishing NISC /IISER and other research institutes in Bihar.

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A memorandum BBSC/Gov/02/06-07 was given in the meeting.

Resolution of the meeting:

1. BB will form core committee for the demand of NISC/IISER in Bihar. The committee will give its report in one month time.

2. BB will Organize seminar for creating environment in Bihar for the investors in the month of Nov,06 in association with the Dept of Science & Technology, Govt of Bihar. BB will invite NRIs /CEOs of MNCs/Academicians in the same event and take ideas from them.

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April 2, 2006: Dr. Rajkishore Prasad, Research fellow, Japan, talked with Hon'ble minister S &T, Dr. Kapil Sibal making demand of NISc/IISER for Bihar. Hon'ble minister replied in affirmative while commenting poor condition of existing educational environment in Bihar

May 4, 2006: A 52 member Core committee (32 from the state of Bihar and 19 from other parts of the world) was formed by BiharBrains . A notification for the First meet of the Core committee was sent to all members. Dr SP Verma, EX-HOD,Physics, Patna Science College was given the responsibility to act as the coordinator of the Core committee.

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May 10, 2006: Meeting of the First core committee members held at the PG Dept of physics, Patna University, Patna

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May 25, 2006: Second meeting of the core committee held at at the ISC Lecture theatre, Dept of Physics, Patna Science college.

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June 1, 2006: An Article published in Hindustan Daily at Patna for the Demand of NISC-IISER in Bihar. The artile was written by BB Japan member, Dr. Rajkishore Prasad, A JSPS Research Fellow at Tokyo.

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July 13, 2006: Paswan Promises to Bring IISER in Bihar : Meeting with Dr. Rajkishore to Hon'ble Minister Sri Ram Vilas Paswan.

Nov12, 2006: Third & Final core committee meet: was held at BSC lecture theatre, Dept of Physics, Patna Science College to decide the draft of the proposal.
The members discussed on written the suggestions and online mail suggestions given made by members. After long discussion, draft was unanimously finalized. This was decided that now Draft should be submitted to Bihar Brains.
On the suggestions of BiharBrains, they also formed action committee & advisory committee for the further action on the demand of IISER.

Action committee: Members of the action committee are

1. Prof. J. Thakur, EX-VC,Patna univ,Patna
2. Prof. R.P. Sinha EX-VC,Mithila Univ,Darbhanga
3. Prof. Bhola Iswar , HOD ,Math,
Bihar Univ, Mujaffarpur
4. Prof. S.K. Sinha , Dept of Physics, Patna univ
5. Prof. S.P. Singh, Principal, College of Commerce,Patna
6. Prof. S.N. Guha, Principal,
Patna Science College,Patna
7. Dr. B.K. Sharma, HOD,Electronics,NIT,Patna
8. Prof. S.P. Verma, EX-HOD, Physics,Patna Science College,Patna

Action committee is headed by Prof. S.P. Verma, ex- HOD Physics & head of the core committee

Advisory committee: Following members have given their confirmation for being part of advisory committee.

1. Sri K.K.Srivastava, EX-Chief Secy Govt of Bihar
2. Sri Kamla Prasad,EX-Chief Secy Govt of Bihar
3. Prof Syed Hussnain, Member of Scientific
advisory council to PM of India ,VC Hyderabad University, Hyderabad, India.
4. Prof. Vijay Singh, Tata Institute
of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
5. Prof Muchkund Dubey, EX- Foreign secy, Govt of India

Nov 15, 2006: Core committee submitted its report to Bihar Brains

Dec 12, 2006: Presentation of IISER Proposal to the Minister, S.& T. GOB

At about 1.15 P.M. a delegation of BB met Dr. Anil Kumar , Minister of State (science And Technology) Gov t. of Bihar and presented the demand for the establishment of IISER , On behalf of Bihar Brains. The document was presented and a brief discussion was held. The Minister assured the delegation that he will move it further ahead to the C.M. and Govt. Of India and is in full support of the establishment of IISER. If the central government takes a decision to open the institution the govt. will provide the land for building infrastructure as it has done with respect to opening of NIFT recently. The BB will be informed about the developments in due course of time. The delegation informed him that we are in the process of presenting the demand to the hon'ble Prime Minister of India and Union HRD Minister as this institution comes under the domain of HRD but we do know that to put pressure on the central govt. our M.P's hailing from Bihar must be associated with the demand..The meeting was held in a cooperative backdrop and we hope that quick action will be taken by hon'ble minister.
This is a brief report as we were there for about half an hour.

The following were present:

1. Dr. B.K. Sharma, Head Electronics, NIT, Patna
2. Dr. S.P. Singh,Principal, College of Commerce, Patna
3. Dr. D.K. Sharma,University Professor, P.G. (Physics), P.U.
4. Sri V. Sharan, Executive, BB, Patna Office
5. Prof. S.P. Verma, Advisor, BB and President
Science For Society, Bihar (Retd. Prof. and Head, Physics, Science College)

The delegation was led by Prof SP Verma, head of the core committee & action committee. He will be assisted by Dr. BK Sharma, President Bihar Brains.
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December 18,2006: Proposal for the demand of IISER in Bihar.

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December 18,2006: Press Release.

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December 26,2006: BiharBrains Called Press conference on demand of IISER in Bihar and Global BiharMeet at Hotel Rajasthan Patna:

January 06, 2007: Hon"ble Dy CM, Bihar Sri Sushil Kumar Modi held telephonic conversation with Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman of BiharBrains on the issue of global meet and the establishment of IISER in Bihar. In a 15 minutes talk, Mr. Modi expressed his desire to talk to delegation of BiharBrains for the establishment of IISER in the state. On Global Bihar Meet, Mr. Bibhuti assured all possible help to Govt and informed him that about 15 people of Bihar in different parts of India and abroad will be attending meet.

January 06, 2007: At around 4 pm IST, Meeting between Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, chairman BiharBrains and Dr. Anil Kumar, Hon"ble minister for Science & Technology, Govt of Bihar were held at his house on progress of establishment of IISER in the state. Hon"ble Minister informed that dept has already sent letter of proposal to secretary, Govt of Bihar and Ministry of HRD, New Delhi. He expressed his desire to give all possible action in the establishment of IISER in the state.

January 08, 2007: A four member delegation of BiharBrains met Sri Sushil Kumar Modi, Deputy Chief Minister, Govt of Bihar today at 5.00 P.M. and presented the demand for establishment of Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) and discussed its various facets. The meeting lasted for about forty minutes. Mr. Modi was very positive in his approach and tried to understand the problems associated with science education and research in the state of Bihar and apathetic attitude of the centre. He was also concerned with falling standards as well as dearth of good students in the higher education especially in the science/ technology field. He assured the delegation that as he had a scheduled meeting with Chief Minister on 9th Jan 2007, he would make it a point to raise the issues presented in the memorandum with him. The delegation stressed that it was high time for the state government to make it a point to strongly demand the IISER in our state as it would help in strengthening & raising the quality of science education in the state.
The members of the delegation were Prof. Jagannath Thakur, Former Vice Chancellor, Patna University & Head, Physics Deptt., P. U., Prof. B. K. Sharma, Head, Electronics Deptt. , N. I. T., Patna , Prof. S.P. Verma, Former Head, Physics Deptt., Science College and Mr. Vijay Sharan, Office Executive BiharBrains

Modi Promises to Push for IISER in Bihar

Bihar's Deputy C.M Endorses BB Demand For IISER

Other news

IISER full report

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March 12, 2007:Compaign for IISER in Bihar
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