Aims & objectives:

Bihar is one of the poorest state in country where around half of the population are uneducated. This miserable condition is because of non availability of proper means not because of their unwillingness towards study.

The main hurdle is their poverty which leads them to discontinue their education.

The main aim of this Project is to help those needy talents who don’t have means to continue their further education.


The main idea behind this scheme is that even if we help one student, it will be a great help for the individual .

"All of us has studied in some school of Bihar and almost every school has poor students who are needy to continue their education. You can choose your own school or any needy talent or any school as your mission project and give your Project idea to BB. BB society will process your scheme and offer help on your behalf to them."

?What BiharBrains can do

  1. Any interested person can send their proposal in written to BiharBrains.

  2. The BiharBrains society will help in sending amount /selecting needy brains/organizing test exams etc.

  3. BiharBrains society will gather information about the list of needy poor and will raise fund for them from any group or individual.

  4. Opening school for needy children: BiharBrains can also open residential school for needy children in which education with free accommodation will be imparted to students till the completion of matriculation. The selection of those students will be on the basis of Test exams or other means decided by committee of BiharBrains.

  5. Can provide infrastructural support to village schools like (Hostel, Playground, electricity, water and faculty and others.

Submit your proposal

You can submit your idea and proposal to help needy poor to or

or in a letter at the address of

BiharBrains Scholastic center
201,OmVihar Apt (commercial complex)
OPP. Hotel Apsara, Kadam kuan
Patna, Bihar, India
Tel: +91-612-2670455

You can download Village School Proejct Proposal here.

Current Projects under this scheme:

We are already running this scheme under following name and some projects are in process.

1.Malti Gauri Yojna

2.Sohagara Primary School Yojna

3.Rajendra Prasad Shrivastava Yojna

4.The Upendra Narayan Jha Scholarship Yojna

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