Members Appreciation Awards 2009

We organised seminar on "Women and Employment" at our center on Aug 9, 2009. In this function, we announced following award to the our members.
1. Best  members award(India) :
             Prof. Jainendra Kumar, HOD, Botany and Biotechnology, College of Commerce, Patna.
             Dr. Santosh Kumar, Lecturer, Dept of Physics, BS College, Danapur
     Note: Both got award because of their excellent work in organizing 2nd Bihar Science Conference, 2009 at Colege of Commerce, Patna .
2. Best NRI Members Award:
             Dr. Abul Farah, Research Scientist, Chosun University, Korea.

        Note: He is associated with us since long and work for publishing "Manthan". Also his suggestions and contributions in all projects of BB helped the organization.
3. Best Representative(India):
             Sri Jyoti Prakash Lal, (Hyderabad Representatives). Before BSC 2009, He organised Monthly meeting at Hyderabad three times and also took serious effort in organizing BSC 2009.
4. Best Representative( Abroad):
             Dr. Sanjay Kumar
, Research Scientst at UK (UK Representative). Before BSC 2009, He organised Monthly meeting at UK in Leeds, Oxford  and also in other place. 
5. Best Moderator Award:
             Sri Ranjeet Kumar, Manager, American Express Bank, Gurgaon.  He did laudable work in moderating mails and issues related to BB members.

6. Special Award for Website Maintainance:

             Mr. Dhirendra Kumar, New Delhi
             Mr. Santosh Kumar, South Korea

  In website maintainnance and giving our website a new look, both has done commendable work.

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