Members Appreciation Awards 2008

BiharBrains has completed the first year of its existence as registered society on May 16th, 2008. During this period, we successfully organized many programs & Events related to science and technology and witnessed large gathering particularly in workshop in VLSI, Sweden India Scientist Interaction Programs, and recently concluded the first Bihar Science Conference, 2008; we launched BB needy talent search Scheme, and started British Library Project. We started Blog on the demand of IISER and very importantly Hon'ble CM wrote letter to Hon'ble PM to put force the demand for IISER in the Bihar.

Recently, we formed our global scientific council for organizing science conferences, workshops, seminars, short term courses, starting or help to establish R&D center in Bihar, starting journals/magazine etc.

This all became possible due to collaborative effort of the individual BB members, group associates and all other corners of the society. We salute all of them who have been involved themselves directly or indirectly in these activities. At the outset, we are going to enlist name of the persons who contributed BB financially and did society work to support the organizational efforts. Their contribution and active association towards the development of the society during this year was commendable and should be
given heartiest vote of thanks from BiharBrains (BBrains Development society).

1. Prof S.E. Hasnain, VC, Hyderabad University, SAC-PM

2. Sri K.K Srivastava, Ex- Chief Secretary, Govt of Bihar

3. Prof J.Thakur,Ex-VC,Patna University, Patna

4. Dr. Rajmani Pd Sinha, ex-VC, Mithila University

5. Prof A.Yadav, ex-VC, Bihar University

6. Dr. Kartik Sahay, CEO,, USA

7. Sri Sugriv Barnwal, CEO,, USA

8. Prof S.P. Verma, former HOD,Physics, Patna Science College,Patna

9. Dr. S.P. Singh, Principal, College of Commerce, Patna

10. Dr. S.P. Singh, Principal Homeopathic College,Motihari

11. Sri Amalendu Narayan Sinha, Ex-Editor, Hindustan times, Patna

12. Dr. Deepak Kumar Sharma, Patna University,Patna

13. Dr. N. K. Mishra, Dept of Zoology, Patna University, Patna

14. Dr. Arjun Singh, Head Orthopaedics,PMCH,Patna

15. Dr. D.N.Mishra, Mumbai

16. Prof Jainendra Kumar, Dept of Biotechnology, college of commerce, Patna

17. Dr. Sudhir Ranjan, State College, Pittsburgh,USA

18. Dr. Manis Kumar Jha, Invited Scientist, KIGAM, Korea

19. Dr. Ajay Kumar Jha, Colorado university, USA

20. Dr. Rajay Narain,General Secretary, Bihar Foundation UK

21. Mr. Ravindra Kishore, CEO, MV Industries, Patna

22. Dr. Raman Jha, Sikkim Manipal Univ,Sikkim

23. Dr. Amarendra Narayan, Dept of Physics,Patna University,Patna

24. Dr. Dolly Sinha, Dept of Physics and Computer Science, Magadh Mahila College, Patna

25. Dr. Ravi Shankar, IIAC, Ahmedabad

26. Dr. Santosh Kumar, Dept of Physics, BS College, Danapur

27. Dr. Bhaskar Choubey, Oxford Univ, UK

28. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Singh, USA

29. Mr. Abhay Kumar Singh, IIT, Mumbai

30. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, Dept of Physics, Patna Womens College, Patna

31. Mr. Ranjeet Kumar, Manager, American Express Bank, Gurgaon

32. Mr. Dhirendra Kumar, Webmaster, New Delhi

33. Dr. Abul Farah, Research Scientist, Ansan, Korea

34. Mr.Tathagat Awatar Tulsi, IISC, Bangalore

35. Mr.Nandan Kumar, Univ of Leeds, UK

36. Mr. Shailendra Kumar Singh, Director, perfect sales communication Pvt, Ltd, New Delhi

37. Sri. Sanjay Mandal, Janipur, Sitamarhi,Bihar

38. Sri. Suresh Chandra Mishra, ex-member Zila parishad, Sitamarhi,Bihar

39. Sri RamKumar Mishra, ex-Mukhiya, Janipur,Sitamarhi, Bihar

40. Mohd. Imteyaz Ahmad, LG Electronics, S. Korea

41. Mr. Shatrughna Singh, S.Korea

42. Mr. Vikash Kumar,Biharsarif

43. Mr. Satya Prakash, Patna

44. Mr. Ranjan Kumar, Biharsarif

45. Mr. Ramesh Rai, Patna

46. Mr. Ranveer Kumar, Hyderabad

47. Mr. Ajit Chouhan, Bangalore

48. Mr. Rajeev Ranjan, Fulcrum logic Pvt Ltd, Pune

49. Ms. Julie Kumari, Patna

Let us give thanks again to all of them. We do hope, their indelible contribution and support would be continued till infinite time.

We hope to get support from all members who are willing to contribute for the noble cause. Let us come and extend hands of cooperation and coordination.

(Note: This appreciation is for the members who contributed till BSC 2008 and
appreciation excludes BB office members, society bearers)

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