Members Appreciation Awards 2004 - 2007

BiharBrains completed its journey of almost 2.5 years before it gets registered as
society. During this period, we successfully organized many programs & Events
related to career building process of the youngsters & creating work environment
in the state; we also started some projects in the field of unique method of
learning, helping needy brains from primary level to high school level etc.

This all became possible due to collaborative effort of the individual BB members,
group associates and all other corners of the society. We salute all of them who
has been involved themselves directly or indirectly in BB activities in these
periods. At the outset, we are going to enlist name of the persons who
contributed BB financially and did society work to support the organizational
efforts. Their contribution and active association towards the development of the
society in pre-registration era was commendable and should be given heartiest
vote of thanks from BiharBrains (BBrains Development society).

Sri Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman,BiharBrains,Seoul, South Korea: F.C & S.W

Dr. Kartik Sahay Vice President, Acipharm .Inc, USA : F.C & S.W

Dr. B.K. sharma,HOD Electronics, NIT Patna: F.C & S.W

Sri Sugriv Barnwal, CEO, President, Bjana ( USA: F.C & S.W

Mr. Nandan Kumar,Univ of Leeds, UK: F.C & S.W

Sri Dhirendra Kumar, Delhi: F.C & S.W

Mr. Amit Singh, Singapore: F.C & S.W

Mr. Sajjad Ahmed, I T Manager, UAE :S.W

Mr. Shakeel Ahmad, UAE:S.W

Dr.Abul Farah, Research Scientist,,Seoul: F.C & S.W

Mr. Sameer Kumar Mishra, Solution Architect, Brisbane,Australia: F.C & S.W

Dr. Sudhir Ranjan, USA: F.C & S.W

Dr. Raj Kishore Prasad, Japan: S.W

Sri Ravindra Kishore, MV Indusries, Patna:S.W

Sri Alok Jha , C.O.O. Garda Meditech,Pune: F.C & S.W

Mr. Sajal Kumar, Sr. Engineer, Intel (Bangalore) : F.C & S.W

Sri Raju Pandey,Project Leader, Hyderabad: F.C & S.W

Sri Ranjit Sinha, IIT, Mumbai: F.C & S.W

Mr. Praveen Ohal, social activist : F.C & S.W

Dr. S.P.Singh, Principal Local homeopath college: F.C & S.W

Mr. RamRaj Pandey, USA: F.C & S.W

Mr. Sajan Kumar and team of young professionals:S.W

Mr. Ranjeet Kumar, American Express Bank,New Delhi: F.C & S.W

Sri Vijay Sharan, BB office:S.W

Ms. Julie Kumari, BB office:S.W

Mr. Rishu Kumar, Bangalore: F.C & S.W

Sri K.K. Srivastava, Ex-Chief Secretary,Bihar:S.W

Dr.(Prof) Syed Hussnain,VC ,Hyderabad university and Member Scientific advisory council of Prime Minister of India:S.W

Dr. Jagannath Thakur,VC Patna Univ: F.C & S.W

Dr. Rajmani Pd. Sinha,VC,Mithila Univ:S.W

Sri Amalendu Narayan Sinha, Ex-Editor, Hindustan Times:S.W

Dr. S.P.Verma ,Gen secy, science for society & HOD Physics, Science College,Patna :S.W

Mr. Lalit Choudhary, New Delhi:S.W

Miss Rajni Srivstava, New Delhi: F.C & S.W

Sri Prabhat Sinha,Canada:F.C

Mr. Chetan Kashyap, UK:F.C

Sri Swambhu Prakash, Udaipur:S.W

Mr. Siddhartha Kumar, Bahrain: S.W

Sri Madhukar Pandey, New delhi:S.W

Sri Ashok Srivastava, Lucknow:F.C

Mr. Ranjeet kumar singh, Patna:S.W

Mr. Hitendra nath Thakur,Patna:S.W

Mrs. Sumita Sinha, Japan:F.C

Mr. Rajeev Ranjan, Pune: S.W

Sri Ramesh Rai,Patna: S.W

Mr. Ranveer Kumar,Hyderabad: S.W

Sri Gauri Shankar Lal, Janipur,Sitamarhi: S.W

Prof Santosh Kumar, Patna: S.W

Dr. Amarendra Narayan,Patna : S.W

Mr. Rajeev Ranjan,Pune : S.W

Sri Rajesh Kumar, Bangkok : S.W

Mr. Saurabh Kumar ,Seoul, S Korea: F.C

Sri Manoj Kumar,UK : F.C

Mohd. Imteyaj Ahmad, Seoul,S Korea: F.C & S.W

Mrs. Sweta Bharti, Mumbai: F.C

Sri Priya Ranjan,Bangalore: F.C

Sri Atul Sinha,Parna : F.C

Mrs. Sweta Bharti, New Delhi: F.C

Sri Santosh Pandey, Chennai: F.C & S.W

Sri Ujjwal Jyoti, USA: S.W

Mohd Shabi Hashmi,UK : S.W

Mr. Ramnaumi Kumar,New Delhi: F.C & S.W

Sri Amaresh Shankar,Patna: S.W

Mr. Kumar Vikash,Patna : S.W

Sri Gopi Chand Prasad,Patna: S.W

Mrs. Anita Banerjeee,Jamshedpur : S.W

Sri Abhishek Jha, New Delhi : S.W

Mr. Prabhakar Kalasani, Singapore: F.C

Mr. Sriniwas Khandla, Seoul,S korea: F.C

Mohd Arshad Hussain, UAE : S.W

Sri Ashok Kumar Singh,Patna: S.W

Sri Satya Kumar,Patna: F.C & S.W

Sri Prabhat Kumar,Patna: S.W

Sri Vikash Kumar,Patna: S.W

Sri Shivesh Prakash,Bhutan: F.C & S.W

Mohd. Nadeem Ahmad ,UAE: S.W

Sri S.N.Sandhwar,Patna: S.W

Note1: F.C Stands for Financial contribution and S.W stands for society work
Note 2: Some names may be missing, please inform us if a blunder has been

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